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Generate and compile protobuf files for the new log protocol to commu… - Vespa - [issue]
...…nicate with the logserver.@toregge please review@bjorncs FYI...    Author: geirst , 2019-03-25, 10:55
[ARROW-5004] Confusing behaviour with boolean partition keys - Arrow - [issue]
... the type of a partition key is converted to match the type of a filter variab...    Author: Scott Taylor , 2019-03-25, 10:52
Do RPC call asynchronously and with higher timeout - Vespa - [pullrequest]    Author: hmusum , 2019-03-25, 10:50
Do RPC call asynchronously and with higher timeout - Vespa - [issue]    Author: hmusum , 2019-03-25, 10:50
[OOZIE-3453] Copy only server dependencies in  dependency folder to distro - Oozie - [issue]
...I think this should be more accurate about locate a file in a folder,It can make package more quickly.```<includes> <include>oozie-server*.jar</include> <inclu...    Author: duan xiong , 2019-03-25, 10:46
[PARQUET-1549] Option for one block per file in MapReduce output - Parquet - [issue]
...When we create PARQUET files using a MapReduce application with current ParquetOutputFormat implementation, we don't have any option to reliably limit the number of blocks (row groups) we wa...    Author: Gustavo Figueiredo , 2019-03-25, 10:45
[SPARK-27253] SparkSession clone discards SQLConf overrides in favor of SparkConf defaults - Spark - [issue]
...SparkSession.cloneSession() is normally supposed to create a child session which inherits all the SQLConf values of its parent session. But when a SQL conf is given a global default through ...    Author: Jose Torres , 2019-03-25, 10:44
[BEAM-6820] Custom Row-Object mapper implementation for CassandraIO - Beam - [issue]
...The current Cassandra source sink is tightly coupled to the Datastax Object Mapper. This requires users of the sink to provide a POJO describing  the table in Cassandra. Although the POJO is...    Author: Max Charas , 2019-03-25, 10:43
[HBASE-22009] Improve RSGroupInfoManagerImpl#getDefaultServers() - HBase - [issue]
...RSGroupInfoManagerImpl.javaprivate SortedSet<Address> getDefaultServers() throws IOException {  SortedSet<Address> defaultServers = Sets.newTreeSet();  for (ServerName ...    Author: Xiang Li , 2019-03-25, 10:43
[BEAM-6861] Select fields and computed fields in CassandraIO.Read - Beam - [issue]
...CassandraIO.Read currently selects all fields and maps them to POJO.To make this component more flexible, it should be possible to select only subset of fields or computed fields to allow re...    Author: Radosław Stankiewicz , 2019-03-25, 10:42