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[expand - 10 more] - [DISCUSS] Attribution and merging the Elasticsearch client migration - Metron - [mail # dev]
...Ok, this is finally merged! Whew!Here's how I polished up the history at the end. I used other featurebranch merges as a guideline around commit messaging.*   fcd644ca 2018-11-15 | METR...
   Author: Michael Miklavcic , Otto Fowler , ... , 2018-11-16, 00:07
[METRON-1834] Migrate Elasticsearch from TransportClient to new Java REST API - Metron - [issue]    Author: Michael Miklavcic , 2018-11-16, 00:06
[CALCITE-2670] Combine similar JSON aggregate functions in operator table - Calcite - [issue]
...In current code master of Calcite, operator JSON_ARRAYAGG and JSON_OBJECTAGG are separated to JSON_ARRAYAGG_NULL_ON_NULL, JSON_ARRAYAGG_ABSENT_ON_NULL, JSON_OBJECTAGG_NULL_ON_NULL and JSON_O...    Author: Hongze Zhang , 2018-11-16, 00:06
[DRILL-6668] In Web Console, highlight options that are different from default values - Drill - [issue]
...Suppose you inherit a Drill setup created by someone else (or by you, some time in the past). Or, suppose you are a support person. You want to know which Drill options have been changed fro...    Author: Paul Rogers , 2018-11-16, 00:05
[ARROW-3793] [C++] TestScalarAppendUnsafe is not testing unsafe appends - Arrow - [issue]
...In TestScalarAppendUnsafe, AppendNull is called to modify the bitmask which is not unsafe- it reserves at least one more element. UnsafeAppendNull should be used instead.Since PoolBuffers ro...    Author: Benjamin Kietzman , 2018-11-16, 00:04
[HIVE-20916] Fix typo in JSONCreateDatabaseMessage and add test for alter database - Hive - [issue]
...public JSONCreateDatabaseMessage(String server, String servicePrincipal, Database db,      Long timestamp) {    this.server = server;    this.servicePrinci...    Author: Vihang Karajgaonkar , 2018-11-16, 00:04
[SENTRY-2452] Change the thrift interface to send the list of authorizable to sentry server - Sentry - [issue]
...TSentryExportMappingDataRequest and TSentryImportMappingDataRequest which are used to send export and import requests to sentry server should be changed to be able to send a list authorizabl...    Author: kalyan kumar kalvagadda , 2018-11-16, 00:03
[SAMZA-1972] Make Operator Timer metrics calculation configurable and off by default - Samza - [issue]
...Current timer metrics calculation has a large impact on performance so it should be turned on only necessary. For operator level timer metrics, we should have a config to turn it on. By defa...    Author: Xinyu Liu , 2018-11-16, 00:02
[STORM-3123] Storm Kafka Monitor does not work with Kafka over two-way SSL - Storm - [issue]
...Storm Kafka Monitor has no option to read / parse SSL truststore/keystore properties which are required to connect to Kafka running over two-way SSL. As a fix, it needs to understand the fol...    Author: Vipin Rathor , 2018-11-16, 00:00
[BEAM-5456] Update google-api-client libraries to 1.25 - Beam - [issue]
...This version updates authentication URLs ( that is needed for certain features....    Author: Chamikara Jayalath , 2018-11-16, 00:00