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[HBASE-3262] TestHMasterRPCException uses non-ephemeral port for master - HBase - [issue]
...TestHMasterRPCException instantiates an HMaster but doesn't use an ephemeral port which can cause the test to fail if port already in use....    Author: Jonathan Gray , 2015-11-20, 05:43
[HBASE-3181] Review, document, and fix up Regions-in-Transition timeout logic - HBase - [issue]
...In some of the testing Stack and I have been doing, we've uncovered some issues with concurrent RS failure and when the Master is under heavy load.  It's led to situations where we hand...    Author: Jonathan Gray , 2015-11-20, 05:42
[HBASE-3176] Remove compile warnings in HRegionServer - HBase - [issue]
...There's some compile warnings in HRS.  One of them actually comes up during the maven build.  Clean them up....    Author: Jonathan Gray , 2015-11-20, 05:42
[HBASE-3133] Only log compaction requests when a request is actually added to the queue - HBase - [issue]
...We always log compaction requests, even if a compaction has already been requested for the specified region.Propose only logging the big compaction request log line if a compaction request i...    Author: Jonathan Gray , 2015-11-20, 05:42
[HBASE-3127] TestHTablePool failing after recent commit of HConnection changes - HBase - [issue]
...TestHTablePool passes a null Configuration to HTablePool causing a new NPE.  It should just reuse the TEST_UTIL.conf.Could also add a check to HTablePool that conf is not null but seems...    Author: Jonathan Gray , 2015-11-20, 05:42
[HBASE-3322] HLog sync slowdown under heavy load with HBASE-2467 - HBase - [issue]
...Testing HBASE-2467 and HDFS-895 on 100 node cluster w/ a heavy increment workload we experienced significant slowdown.Stack traces show that most threads are on HLog.updateLock....    Author: Jonathan Gray , 2015-11-20, 05:42
[HBASE-3282] Need to retain DeadServers to ensure we don't allow previously expired RS instances to rejoin cluster - HBase - [issue]
...Currently we clear a server from the deadserver set once we finish processing it's shutdown.  However, certain circumstances (network partitions, race conditions) could lead to the RS n...    Author: Jonathan Gray , 2015-11-20, 05:42
[HBASE-3641] LruBlockCache.CacheStats.getHitCount() is not using the correct variable - HBase - [issue]
...    public long getHitCount() {      return hitCachingCount.get();    }This should be hitCount.get()...    Author: Jonathan Gray , 2015-11-20, 05:42
[HBASE-3213] If do abort of backup master will get NPE instead of graceful abort - HBase - [issue]
...Doesn't really matter because it's aborting the server anyways, but I've seen it on TestMasterFailover.  Simple fix....    Author: Jonathan Gray , 2015-11-20, 05:42
[HBASE-3229] Table creation, though using "async" call to master, can actually run for a while and cause RPC timeout - HBase - [issue]
...Our create table methods in HBaseAdmin are synchronous from client POV.  However, underneath, we're using an "async" create and then looping waiting for table availability.  Becaus...    Author: Jonathan Gray , 2015-11-20, 05:42