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[AVRO-2605] Use of `filter` function incompatible with Python 3 - Avro - [issue]
...The simple filter function was removed from being a builtin to being part of the standard library in python 3. It is used as a builtin here:    Author: Michael A. Smith , 2020-01-22, 17:09
[AVRO-2464] Add zstd codec support to the Ruby bindings - Avro - [issue]    Author: Kengo Seki , 2020-01-22, 16:24
[AVRO-2708] Remove Unused Code - Avro - [issue]
...Remove unused imports Remove unused private methods Remove unused private constructors Remove unused private types Remove unused private fields Remove unused local variables...    Author: David Mollitor , 2020-01-22, 14:49
[AVRO-2068] Improve EnumSchema constructor performance - Avro - [issue] :....  private static class EnumSchema extends NamedSchema {    pri...    Author: Zoltan Farkas , 2020-01-22, 03:40
[AVRO-2711] Use SLF4J Parameterized Logging for Debug Statements - Avro - [issue]
...Better yet, use parameterized messages    Author: David Mollitor , 2020-01-22, 00:40
[AVRO-2710] Upgrade Avro Maven Plugin to 3.X - Avro - [issue]
...Maven 2.x has now reached its end of life. The following Maven 2.x specific documentation is archived for reference.<    Author: David Mollitor , 2020-01-21, 18:13
[AVRO-2680] Bump grpc.version from 1.24.1 to 1.26.0 - Avro - [issue]    Author: Fokko Driesprong , 2020-01-21, 16:48
[AVRO-2641] Generated code results in java.lang.ClassCastException when deserializing - Avro - [issue]
...SpecificRecord put() used by datumreader does not account for that String fields can be represented as org.apache.avro.util.Utf8 or other CharSequence which might not be castable to java.lan...    Author: Magne Moss Helleborg , 2020-01-21, 08:56
[expand - 15 more] - avro-tools illegal reflective access warnings - Avro - [mail # user]
...Thanks Fokko. Thanks to some very kind help from Ryan Skraba, I managed tofix the issue. The problem was that the writer needed to be created withthe same schema in the code (the actual sche...
   Author: roger peppe , Driesprong, Fokko , ... , 2020-01-21, 08:24
[AVRO-2410] Support Linting in CI/CD - Avro - [issue]
...I want to enable the .editorconfig for python (which is current commented out.) To do that, we need to settle on some kind of consistency in both python3 and python lang bases. The formattin...    Author: Michael A. Smith , 2020-01-21, 08:13