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[expand - 2 more] - Build failed in Jenkins: AvroJava #579 - Avro - [mail # dev]
...> On Jan 8, 2019, at 9:43 PM, Thiruvalluvan MG  wrote:> >   - Add these four files as excluded files in top-level pom.xml   > >   - Rename them to match th...
   Author: Daniel Kulp , Thiruvalluvan MG , ... , 2019-01-09, 14:47
[AVRO-2295] Move C++ to std from boost wherever possible - Avro - [issue]
...Now that we have mandated C++11 as a requirement for 1.9.0 onwards, the following boost features can be moved to std::: array scoped_ptr (in favor of unique_ptr) shared_ptr static_assert typ...    Author: Thiruvalluvan M. G. , 2019-01-09, 02:46
[expand - 2 more] - Java snapshot builds of 1.9.0 ? - Avro - [mail # dev]
...This is good enough for me for now!Thank you, Daniel!On Tue, Jan 8, 2019 at 8:43 PM Daniel Kulp  wrote:> We apparently don’t have automated snapshot deploys setup yet.  :(>&g...
   Author: Martin Grigorov , Daniel Kulp , ... , 2019-01-08, 20:25
[AVRO-1559] Drop support for Ruby 1.8 - Avro - [issue]
...Ruby 1.8 is EOL, and is even security issues aren't addressed anymore. It is also getting hard to set up Ruby 1.8 to run the tests (e.g. on a recent OSX, it won't compile without manual fidd...    Author: Willem van Bergen , 2019-01-08, 17:30
[AVRO-2297] Ruby build fails in docker container - Avro - [issue]
...It appears that the latest release of Ruby bundler on Jan 4, 2019 breaks our build. We are installing the bundler without version constraints and hence it installs the latest version of bund...    Author: Thiruvalluvan M. G. , 2019-01-07, 21:35
[AVRO-1520] seek error when using compression and schema evolution - Avro - [issue]
...When using compression and schema evolution, FileStream sometimes attempts to seek on a IStreamBuffer, which fails. This make compression unusable for our application. A fix has been develop...    Author: Steve Roehrs , 2019-01-07, 14:16
[AVRO-2298] Specific Avro compiler does not annotate generated Builder class with AvroGenerated - Avro - [issue]
...According to current AvroGenerated documentationAll Avro generated classes will be annotated with this annotation.However, the nested Builder class that the specific Avro compiler generates ...    Author: Olli Salonen , 2019-01-07, 13:33
[AVRO-2020] Update BUILD instructions with correct versions for language-specific libraries - Avro - [issue]
...our BUILD instructions current list a few things I know are wrong (Ruby 1.8 support) and some things I'm pretty sure are wrong (Java 1.6 support).we should do a pass checking all the languag...    Author: Sean Busbey , 2019-01-07, 00:12
[AVRO-2296] Add Java 11 build for in the CI - Avro - [issue]
...Once the codebase fully builds with Java 11, we can integrate this into the CI.Two small prerrequisites will be to tune the build for Java 11 only in the test case and to add some validation...    Author: Ismaël Mejía , 2019-01-03, 21:52
[AVRO-2290] TestSpecificLogicalTypes.testRecordWithJsr310LogicalTypes breaks on Java 11 - Avro - [issue]
...Java 11 has nano-second precision so the test breaks, the test should now detect this and adapt accordingly.[ERROR] testRecordWithJsr310LogicalTypes(org.apache.avro.specific.TestSpecificLogi...    Author: Ismaël Mejía , 2019-01-03, 21:47