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[CHUKWA-792] Implement Chukwa Spark HBase Load and store function - Chukwa - [issue]
...For developer to use Chukwa framework for data processing, it would be nice to have Chukwa HBase Load/Save function to enable user to work with Chukwa HBase tables in Spark.The proposed func...    Author: Eric Yang , 2016-05-02, 00:12
[CHUKWA-806] Replace Gridster with GridStack for hicc dashboard - Chukwa - [issue]
...Gridster did not have any update since September 2014.  There are some fundamental issues that probably won't get resolved. i.e. Widget wrap to minimum size when widget size = maximum w...    Author: Eric Yang , 2016-05-01, 19:38
[CHUKWA-805] Show examples in HICC REST API document - Chukwa - [issue]
...HICC rest api document can use some JSON examples from our default dashboard and widgets.  It might be possible to move some of the hard coded java objects from ChukwaHBaseStore class t...    Author: Eric Yang , 2016-04-25, 00:27
[CHUKWA-804] Update user document on how to start/stop Chukwa processes - Chukwa - [issue]
...User document can use some polish on the commands to start/stop chukwa processes, and remove out dated procedures....    Author: Eric Yang , 2016-04-04, 05:27
[CHUKWA-803] Update SolrWriter to use CloudSolrClient - Chukwa - [issue]
...In Solr 5.0, client api has been introduced, SolrWriter should use CloudSolrClient API instead of CloudSolrServer API to writing data to Solr....    Author: Eric Yang , 2016-04-03, 01:08
[CHUKWA-802] Update Javadoc for Java 8 - Chukwa - [issue]
...Java 8 has more strict guideline for Javadoc, and it breaks Chukwa Javadoc.  It is a good time to clean up incorrect Javadoc and polish the document....    Author: Eric Yang , 2016-04-03, 00:07
[CHUKWA-435] Add SSL at the collector/jetty level - Chukwa - [issue]    Author: Jerome Boulon , 2016-03-22, 03:01
[CHUKWA-422] Rewrite Demux for Hadoop0.20+ - Chukwa - [issue]
...Demux is using the old M/R packages and need to be moved to the new MR API.Since I'm now using Hive by default, I will output to Hive table format.I will match the RT to a Hive schema and ge...    Author: Jerome Boulon , 2016-03-22, 03:01
[CHUKWA-389] Send chunks directly from a log4j appender to the collector without writing to local drive - Chukwa - [issue]
...Currently Chukwa required to first write the data to the local drive and run an agent on every single box in order to be able to collect logs.This is a good solution if you cannot afford to ...    Author: Jerome Boulon , 2016-03-22, 03:01
[CHUKWA-288] Cleaner build management for chukwa-pig.jar - Chukwa - [issue]
...The current build system generates chukwa-pig.jar in CHUKWA_HOME/contrib/chukwa-pig.  This should be changed to CHUKWA_HOME/contrib/chukwa-pig/build.  The change would prevent mang...    Author: Eric Yang , 2016-03-22, 03:01