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[expand - 2 more] - HCatalog and Crunch named outputs - Crunch - [mail # dev]
...Hey Stephen,Looked at this more closely, and I think the need for a unique JobID peroutput of a job still exists in order for the various output committers towork properly (and actually comm...
   Author: Josh Wills , Stephen Durfey , ... , 2017-10-27, 04:42
[CRUNCH-652] SourceTargetHelperTest became flaky when upgrading to hadoop 3.0.0 - Crunch - [issue]
...Problem description: became flaky - it failed when its testGetNonExistentPathSize_NonExistantPath() method ran firstRoot cause: due to upgrading t...    Author: Gergo Repas , 2017-10-27, 04:29
[CRUNCH-653] KafkaSource should provide ConsumerRecord - Crunch - [issue]
...The existing KafkaSource provides a Pair<BytesWritable, BytesWritable> representing a message's key and value. It would be helpful if the source provided the entire ConsumerRecord so w...    Author: Bryan Baugher , 2017-10-27, 04:07
[expand - 1 more] - Group permissions for files written using Crunch - Crunch - [mail # dev]
...It works the same way it does for MapReduce- the group is derived from thegroup of the parent directory. If you need to change the group permissionsprior to writing the output, you can do so...
   Author: Josh Wills , Amirdha Gopal R , ... , 2017-10-01, 12:50
[CRUNCH-655] DefaultJoinStrategy full outer join failing for spark pipeline - Crunch - [issue]
...When the left and right table in the the join have entries with the same key, they do not alway end up together. Cannot reproduce when running the join with a single reducer, and happens mor...    Author: Mikael Goldmann , 2017-08-17, 15:43
[CRUNCH-645] Ensure Crunch works with Hadoop 3.0.0-alpha2 - Crunch - [issue]
...Make sure crunch works Hadoop 3. To this end, Apache Hadoop 3.0.0-alpha2 could be used as a first step....    Author: Attila Sasvari , 2017-08-14, 10:05
[CRUNCH-651] (WIP) Kotlin API for Crunch - Crunch - [issue]
...Motivation: Kotlin has recently gained a lot of popularity and people are really starting to talk about it and see its merits; and language-wise it should be perfect for writing data-transfo...    Author: David Whiting , 2017-08-04, 11:41
[CRUNCH-650] Support case classes and tuples without reflection or codegen using shapeless - Crunch - [issue]
...Scrunch support for case classes is pretty buggy, only supports a subset of scala versions, and fails at runtime instead of compile time if something goes wrong. Additionally, the support of...    Author: David Whiting , 2017-07-17, 04:32
[expand - 4 more] - Dotfile default generation - Crunch - [mail # user]
...That makes sense.Thank you. ☺Giovanni GATTI PINHEIROIngénieur DéveloppementVolt Europe pour Médiamétriewww.mediametrie.frDe : Gabriel Reid [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]Envoyé : mercredi 21 juin...
   Author: Giovanni GATTI PINHEIRO , Gabriel Reid , ... , 2017-06-21, 14:06
[expand - 2 more] - AbstractMethodError when moving from MR to Spark pipeline - Crunch - [mail # user]
...Thanks Josh... nailed it.Are we planning on shipping 1.0.0 out soon? Need any help with that?And now that it's running - I have generated the same pipeline also inSpark (w/o Crunch, using RD...
   Author: Ron Hashimshony , Josh Wills , ... , 2017-05-27, 11:06