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[CURATOR-452] ChildData.getData() can be null - Curator - [issue]
...Curator client tries to make ObjectMapper to parse null (ChildData.getData() can be null).java.lang.NullPointerException at org.codehaus.jackson.JsonFactory.createJsonParser(JsonFactory...    Author: Egor Ryashin , 2018-06-24, 14:11
[CURATOR-450] Dead link in "Getting Started" documentation - Curator - [issue]
... The "Getting Started" page ( ) has a dead link: I think it should be updated to: h...    Author: Etienne Neveu , 2018-06-24, 13:03
[CURATOR-233] Bug in double barrier - Curator - [issue]
...Hi,I think I discovered a bug in the internalLeave method of the double barrier implementation.When a client is told to leave the barrier after maxWait it does not do so. A flag is set but t...    Author: J D , 2018-06-24, 08:29
[expand - 1 more] - InterProcessMutex error handling - Curator - [mail # user]
...TBH - I don't know why we never created a utility to automate this. We should add a "LockConnectionStateListener" or something that listens for connection state changes and tries to interrup...
   Author: Jordan Zimmerman , Jakub Ječmínek , ... , 2018-06-21, 15:52
Performance of MultiSharedLock recipe - Curator - [mail # user]
...HiI have some issues with the performance of the MultiSharedLock. I use(with Curator 4.0.0 and Zookeeper 3.5.3-beta) against a 3-node ensemble,locking ~900 locks in one operation. Client is ...
   Author: Joe Ammann , 2018-06-14, 14:15
[CURATOR-227] A serious death cycle error(一个严重的死循环错误) - Curator - [issue]
...When used asynchronous way to create a temporary node multi directory, if the client does not have the zookeeper write permissions, the head will get into a cycle of death, the client will h...    Author: coder_czp , 2018-06-07, 13:52
[CURATOR-469] Give background task a chance to execute in CuratorFramework.close() - Curator - [issue]
...The current impl of CuratorFramework.close() does not really give background task a chance to finish.  The following steps are currently taken in close(). 1. Set the state to STOPP...    Author: Keith Turner , 2018-06-05, 23:35
[CURATOR-467] Avoid logging errors after curator framework is closed. - Curator - [issue]
...When the following operations are performed in rapid succession, it can lead annoying errors being logged. Create curator framework Create leader latch Start leader latch Close leader latch ...    Author: Keith Turner , 2018-06-05, 20:06
[CURATOR-337] LeaderSelector logs stack trace with "The leader threw an exception" message erroneously - Curator - [issue]
...I am using the LeaderSelector to choose a leader for a particular role in my cluster. Every time that I call close() on the leader selector, I end up with the following stack trace in my log...    Author: Mark Payne , 2018-06-01, 22:18
[CURATOR-466] LeaderSelector gets in an inconsistent state when releasing resources. - Curator - [issue]
...I'm using the leader election recipe that works well until I encountered application is my example: CuratorFramework framework = CuratorFrameworkFactory.builder()    ...    Author: Mikhail Pryakhin , 2018-05-15, 17:20