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[FLUME-3021] flume Elasticsearch 5.0 not support - Flume - [issue]    Author: tycho_yang , 2018-07-31, 02:56
[FLUME-3264] Null point using hdfs sink when flume startup faster than hdfs - Flume - [issue]
...When flume starts up faster than hdfs, then hdfs sink will report NullPoint, nothing will sink to hdfs. Patch have been tested in my dev env. flume_1 | 2018-07-25 03:49:06,147 (SinkRunner-Po...    Author: wangzheng , 2018-07-28, 13:32
[FLUME-3262] Improve Scribe Source With More Options - Flume - [issue]
...We're a heavy scribe source user with tremendous traffic. We found there're limit configuration options in original scribe source. So we add more options including: ThriftServerType, user ch...    Author: zhenzhao wang , 2018-07-27, 21:50
[FLUME-3263] Add DynamicMBean Based MonitoredDynamicCounterGroup To Support Adhoc Counters - Flume - [issue]
...We implement a MonitoredDynamicCounterGroup based on DynamicMBean to support ad hoc counters and metrics. E.g. we could use it to record the log category event number without predefined code...    Author: zhenzhao wang , 2018-07-27, 21:46
[FLUME-3258] Add ScribeCLIClient for scribe source - Flume - [issue]
...We developed a ScribeCLIClient which could be used to generate scribe format event for debugging. Here're the help msg after ScribeCLIClient added:usage: flume-ng scribe-client [-e <arg&g...    Author: zhenzhao wang , 2018-07-27, 18:49
[FLUME-3261] cant connect to es 5.x when x-pack or search-guard is enable - Flume - [issue]
...this flume can use java high level rest client connect to es 5.x ?also add the user and password auth , can connect to es http port 9200 not use transport client. ...    Author: andyzhou , 2018-07-27, 01:26
Minor reface to the Apache Flume project web site - Flume - [mail # dev]
...Hi all,I went to add the issues@ list to the mailing list page on and remembered that I didn't care for some of thefonts and colors on the site theme, so I updated the...
   Author: Mike Percy , 2018-07-25, 18:51
[FLUME-3260] Add Support for HDFS-13448 - Flume - [issue]
...Now that HDFS-13448 is available, add a new boolean configuration to the HDFS Sink configuration that enabled this.See NIFI-5452 for details....    Author: BELUGA BEHR , 2018-07-25, 12:51
[FLUME-3254] taildir source works abnormally when the monitored file has too fast append speed. - Flume - [issue]
...Hello,I am using flume 1.8.0 for ubuntu 16.04.  I met an question when using  the agent, taildir-memory-fileroll. I programed for appending  data into the file monitored by taildir every 2 s...    Author: Alan Liu , 2018-07-18, 07:26
[FLUME-3238] TailDir Source + Kafka Sink + Memory Channel - Couldn't identify event source filename - Flume - [issue]
...I am using Taildir to consume my log event and send it to kafka sink for further processing before its indexed to a table for any analytics.The events received in kafka topic doesn't carry w...    Author: r2d2 , 2018-07-16, 10:44