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[HBASE-6939] Add the possibility to set the ZK port in HBaseTestingUtility - HBase - [issue]
...It's useful when embedding the HBaseTestingUtility into another test server: fixing the ZK port allows it to put it simply into a shared instance....    Author: nkeywal , 2012-10-04, 12:43
[HBASE-6878] DistributerLogSplit can fail to resubmit a task done if there is an exception during the log archiving - HBase - [issue]
...The code in SplitLogManager# getDataSetWatchSuccess is:if (slt.isDone()) {"task " + path + " entered state: " + slt.toString());      if (taskFin...    Author: nkeywal , 2012-10-02, 20:09
[HBASE-6884] Update documentation on unit tests - HBase - [issue]
...Points to address: we don't have anymore JUnit rules in the tests we should document how to run the test faster. some stuff is not used (run only a category) and should be removed from the d...    Author: nkeywal , 2012-09-27, 01:47
[HBASE-6783] Make read short circuit the default - HBase - [issue]
...Per mailing discussion, read short circuit has little or no drawback, hence should used by default. As a consequence, we activate it on the default tests.It's possible to launch the test wit...    Author: nkeywal , 2012-09-21, 13:17
[HBASE-6746] Impacts of HBASE-6435 vs. HDFS 2.0 trunk - HBase - [issue]
...When using the trunk of HDFS branch 2, I had two errors linked to HBASE-6435: a missing test to null a method removed.This fixes it: add the test make the test case less dependant on HDFS in...    Author: nkeywal , 2012-09-20, 07:02
[HBASE-6627] TestMultiVersions.testGetRowVersions is flaky - HBase - [issue] Shutting down at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.MiniHBaseCluster.init(    Author: nkeywal , 2012-09-14, 15:08
[HBASE-6751] Too many retries, leading a a delay to read the HLog after a datanode failure - HBase - [issue]
...When reading an HLog, we need to got to the last block to get the file size.In HDFS 1.0.3, it leads to HDFS-3701 / HBASE-6401In HDFS branch-2, this bug is fixed; but we have two other issues...    Author: nkeywal , 2012-09-10, 15:16
[HBASE-6742] Change default test parallelisation level to 5 - HBase - [issue]
...Tests will be faster.Not visible if a test hangs for 15 minutes. But they should not hang....    Author: nkeywal , 2012-09-10, 10:48
[HBASE-6697] regionserver.TestPriorityRpc uses a fixed port (60020) - HBase - [issue]
...You can have this if the port is used.Testable by doing "nc -l 60020" before launching the test.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Test set: org.a...    Author: nkeywal , 2012-09-01, 13:05
[HBASE-6683] Wrong warning in logs WARN org.apache.hadoop.ipc.HBaseServer: Methods length : 5 - HBase - [issue]
...From ProtobufRpcEngine.javastatic Method getMethod(Class<? extends VersionedProtocol> protocol,        String methodName) {      Method method = meth...    Author: nkeywal , 2012-09-01, 09:16