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[HADOOP-10649] Allow overriding the default ACL for service authorization - Hadoop - [issue]
...The default service authorization for a protocol is “*” and this authorizes everyone for the specific protocol.It should be possible to override the default ACL and specify a different acl a...    Author: Benoy Antony , 2014-07-01, 02:46
[HADOOP-10590] ServiceAuthorizationManager  is not threadsafe - Hadoop - [issue]
...The mutators in ServiceAuthorizationManager  are synchronized. The accessors are not synchronized.This results in visibility issues when  ServiceAuthorizationManager's state is acc...    Author: Benoy Antony , 2014-06-18, 16:18
[HADOOP-10683] Users authenticated with KERBEROS are recorded as being authenticated with SIMPLE - Hadoop - [issue]
...We have enabled kerberos authentication in our clusters, but we see the following in the log files 2014-06-11 11:07:05,903 INFO Auth successful f...    Author: Benoy Antony , 2014-06-17, 17:31
[HADOOP-10702] KerberosAuthenticationHandler does not log the principal names correctly - Hadoop - [issue]
...With HADOOP-10158, it is possible to load multiple principal names or all HTTP principals in the key tab by specifying “*”.Each principal name is logged when when the principal is loaded fro...    Author: Benoy Antony , 2014-06-17, 16:23
[HADOOP-10322] Add ability to read principal names from a keytab - Hadoop - [issue]
...It will be useful to have an ability to enumerate the principals stored in a keytab....    Author: Benoy Antony , 2014-06-17, 01:01
[HADOOP-10678] SecurityUtil has unnecessary synchronization on collection used for only tests - Hadoop - [issue]
...The function SecurityUtil.getKerberosInfo()  is a function used during authentication and authorization. It has two synchronized blocks and one of them is on testProviders. This is an u...    Author: Benoy Antony , 2014-06-14, 16:19
[HADOOP-10648] Service Authorization Improvements - Hadoop - [issue]
...Umbrella jira for a set of improvements on service Authorization...    Author: Benoy Antony , 2014-06-08, 17:36
[HADOOP-10566] Refactor proxyservers out of ProxyUsers - Hadoop - [issue]
...HADOOP-10498 added proxyservers feature in ProxyUsers. It is beneficial to treat this as a separate feature since 1> The ProxyUsers is per proxyuser where as proxyservers is per cluster. ...    Author: Benoy Antony , 2014-05-28, 22:12
[HADOOP-10595] Improve concurrency in HostFileReader - Hadoop - [issue]
...HostsFileReader is used to keep track of included and excluded hosts in the cluster. The threads needs to synchronize to access the set of hosts.This can be improved....    Author: Benoy Antony , 2014-05-09, 17:38
[HADOOP-10593] Concurrency Improvements - Hadoop - [issue]
...This is an umbrella jira to improve the concurrency of a few classes by making use of safe publication idioms. Most of the improvements are based on the following:To publish an object safely...    Author: Benoy Antony , 2014-05-09, 17:19