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[HADOOP-15849] Upgrade netty version to 3.10.6 - Hadoop - [issue]
...We're currently at 3.10.5. It'd be good to upgrade to the latest 3.10.6 release....    Author: Xiao Chen , 2018-10-14, 03:46
[HADOOP-15802] creates an invalid /etc/sudoers.d/hadoop-build-${USER_ID} file entry - Hadoop - [issue]
...In my Ubuntu 18.04 dev VM, I cloned the hadoop repo and ran the script.  Once the docker build was completed and the container running, I tried to sudo and it failed.  Upo...    Author: Jon Boone , 2018-10-14, 02:53
[HADOOP-9567] Provide auto-renewal for keytab based logins - Hadoop - [issue]
...We do a renewal for cached tickets (obtained via kinit before using a Hadoop application) but we explicitly seem to avoid doing a renewal for keytab based logins (done from within the client...    Author: Harsh J , 2018-10-12, 19:18
[HADOOP-15848] ITestS3AContractMultipartUploader#testMultipartUploadEmptyPart test error - Hadoop - [issue]
...To reproduce failure: mvn verify -Dscale -Dit.test=org.apache.hadoop.fs.contract.s3a.ITestS3AContractMultipartUploader -Dtest=skip against eu-west-1.Test output:[INFO] Running org.apache.had...    Author: Gabor Bota , 2018-10-12, 18:41
[HADOOP-11100] Support to configure  ftpClient.setControlKeepAliveTimeout - Hadoop - [issue]
...In FTPFilesystem or Configuration, timeout is not possible to configure.It is very straight forward to configure, in FTPFilesystem.connect() method. ftpClient.setControlKeepAliveTimeout...    Author: Krishnamoorthy Dharmaling... , 2018-10-12, 18:07
[HADOOP-15832] Upgrade BouncyCastle to 1.60 - Hadoop - [issue]
...As part of my work on YARN-6586, I noticed that we're using a very old version of BouncyCastle:<dependency>   <groupId>org.bouncycastle</groupId>   <...    Author: Robert Kanter , 2018-10-12, 17:25
[HADOOP-15823] ABFS: Stop requiring client ID and tenant ID for MSI - Hadoop - [issue]
...ABFS requires the user to configure the tenant ID and client ID. From my understanding of MSI, that shouldn't be necessary and is an added requirement compared to MSI in ADLS. Can that be dr...    Author: Sean Mackrory , 2018-10-12, 17:19
[HADOOP-15616] Incorporate Tencent Cloud COS File System Implementation - Hadoop - [issue]
...Tencent cloud is top 2 cloud vendors in China market and the object store COS ( is widely used among China’s cloud users but now it is hard for had...    Author: Junping Du , 2018-10-12, 15:52
how to ignore tests with natives - TestRawLocalFileSystemContract#testPermission error - Hadoop - [mail # dev]
...Hi,TestRawLocalFileSystemContract#testPermission fails withUnsatisfiedLinkError, even if I'm running with `./mvnw test-Drequire.test.libhadoop=false`. From code it's clear that there is noco...
   Author: Michal Vala , 2018-10-12, 12:35
[HADOOP-15831] Include modificationTime in the toString method of CopyListingFileStatus - Hadoop - [issue]
...I was looking at a DistCp error observed in hbase backup test:2018-10-08 18:12:03,067 WARN  [Thread-933] mapred.LocalJobRunner$Job(590): Inc...    Author: Ted Yu , 2018-10-12, 10:23