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[HIVE-20523] Improve table statistics for Parquet format - Hive - [issue]
...Right now, in the table basic statistics, the raw data size for a row with any data type in the Parquet format is 1. This is an underestimated value when columns are complex data structures,...    Author: George Pachitariu , 2018-10-18, 20:20
[HIVE-20763] Add google cloud storage (gs) to the exim uri schema whitelist - Hive - [issue]
...import/export is enabled for s3a by default. Ideally this list should include other cloud storage options. This Jira adds Google Storage to the list....    Author: Siddharth Seth , 2018-10-18, 19:31
[HIVE-20735] Address some of the review comments plus Kerberos support - Hive - [issue]
...As part of the review comments we agreed to: remove start and end offsets columns remove the best effort mode make the 2pc as default protocol for EOSAlso this patch will include an addition...    Author: slim bouguerra , 2018-10-18, 18:40
[HIVE-20703] Put dynamic sort partition optimization under cost based decision - Hive - [issue]    Author: Vineet Garg , 2018-10-18, 18:39
[HIVE-20701] Allow HiveStreaming to receive a key value to commit atomically together with the transaction - Hive - [issue]
...Following up with HIVE-20538 it'd be nice to be able to use this feature with hive streaming...    Author: Jaume M , 2018-10-18, 18:37
[HIVE-20572] Change default value of hive.tez.llap.min.reducer.per.executor - Hive - [issue]    Author: Ashutosh Chauhan , 2018-10-18, 18:36
[HIVE-20707] Automatic partition management - Hive - [issue]
...In current scenario, to add partitions for external tables to metastore, MSCK REPAIR command has to be executed manually. To avoid this manual step, external tables can be specified a table ...    Author: Prasanth Jayachandran , 2018-10-18, 18:31
Hive tables query failing for simple query with memory error. - Hive - [mail # user]
...Hi Hive experts,I am having a 1 Master node, 3 corenodes and autoscaled task nodes from min1 to max 20 nodes EMR cluster.Hive table's data is 3.5Gb with 1.3e6 rows and 28 columns. And we can...
   Author: AgriNut solutions , 2018-10-18, 18:13
[HIVE-20768] Adding Tumbling Window UDF - Hive - [issue]
...Goal is to provide a UDF that truncates a timestamp to a beginning of a tumbling window interval./** * Tumbling windows are a series of fixed-sized, non-overlapping and contiguous time ...    Author: slim bouguerra , 2018-10-18, 17:34
[HIVE-20762] NOTIFICATION_LOG cleanup interval is hardcoded as 60s and is too small. - Hive - [issue]
...NOTIFICATION_LOG cleanup interval is hardcoded as 60s and is too small. It should be set to several hours or else the number of metastore calls would be too high and impact other operations....    Author: Sankar Hariappan , 2018-10-18, 17:26