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[OOZIE-3240] Flaky test TestJMSAccessorService#testConnectionRetry - Oozie - [issue]
...The test TestJMSAccessorService#testConnectionRetry failed with the following errors in the log:junit.framework.AssertionFailedError at org.apache.oozie.service.TestJMSAccessorService.testCo...    Author: Peter Bacsko , 2018-10-04, 15:54
[OOZIE-3313] Hive example action fails - Oozie - [issue]
...The patch for OOZIE-2619 introduced the following property in core/src/main/conf/action-conf/hive.xml:<property><name>mapreduce.input.fileinputformat.split.maxsize</name>&l...    Author: Daniel Becker , 2018-10-04, 15:54
[OOZIE-3222] The description for DAG is not accurate in the documentation - Oozie - [issue]
...the description for DAG is not accurate,it should be Directed Acyclic Graph....    Author: gongchuanjie , 2018-10-04, 15:54
[OOZIE-3270]  Upgrade Derby to - Oozie - [issue]
...We should upgrade  Derby to    Author: Peter Cseh , 2018-10-04, 15:54
[OOZIE-3192] OozieDBCLI does not clean up temporary files - Oozie - [issue]
...Oozie runtime directories are getting accumulated under /tmp. OozieDBCLI does not destroy the Services and so the code to delete runtime directories are skipped. [root@bigdata2 libtools]# ls...    Author: Prabhu Joseph , 2018-10-04, 15:52
[OOZIE-3168] Remove -secure option from DG_QuickStart.twiki and from - Oozie - [issue]
...The DG_QuickStart.twiki still contains reference to the -secure option from DG_QuickStart.twiki:    Author: Julia Kinga Marton , 2018-10-04, 15:52
[OOZIE-3162] Precommit build fails to add comment to JIRA - Oozie - [issue]    Author: Attila Sasvari , 2018-10-04, 15:51
[OOZIE-3149] Delete work.log - Oozie - [issue]
...The root dir has a file named work.log which appears to be an old version of release-log.txt, up to Oozie 3.0.1.  It should be safe to simply delete it....    Author: Robert Kanter , 2018-10-04, 15:51
[OOZIE-2847] Oozie Ha timing issue - Oozie - [issue]
...Oozie Ha timing issueWhen Oozie is launching the mapper, it is writing a job id into a file on hdfs. Let's assume the ApplicationMaster is killed, and Oozie will make a second try, during re...    Author: Péter Gergő Barna , 2018-10-04, 15:50
[OOZIE-2781] HCat partition available  notification is not sent to coordinator actions if coordinator job is using a different hostname (cname, IP address, etc. ) for HCat URL. - Oozie - [issue]
...HCatDependencyCache maintains a map which is a list of HCat partition and waiting for actions for HCat partition.Key of Map is server;db;table.If a user uses a different host name(IP Address...    Author: Purshotam Shah , 2018-10-04, 15:49