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[PIG-5301] Enable autoreduce for unordered shuffle input - Pig - [issue]
...Had done it in, but since ...    Author: Rohini Palaniswamy , 2017-09-13, 18:58
[PIG-3815] Hadoop bug causes to pig to fail silently with jar cache - Pig - [issue]
...Pig uses DistributedCache.addFileToClassPath api that puts jars on distributed cache configuration. This uses : to separate list of files to be put of classpath via distributed cache. If fs....    Author: Aniket Mokashi , 2017-09-12, 22:23
[PIG-5290] User Cache upload contention can cause job failures - Pig - [issue]
...We recently enabled the User Cache (PIG-2672) feature and found that occasionally jobs would fail because of contention when uploading JARs into the cache. Although the cache is designed to ...    Author: Erik Krogen , 2017-09-12, 22:23
[PIG-2672] Optimize the use of DistributedCache - Pig - [issue]
...Pig currently copies jar files to a temporary location in hdfs and then adds them to DistributedCache for each job launched. This is inefficient in terms of Space - The jars are distributed...    Author: Rohini Palaniswamy , 2017-09-12, 22:23
[PIG-5296] Minicluster tests in Spark should use yarn-client mode instead of local - Pig - [issue]
...Currently if a unit test is using MiniGenericCluster it will have no difference from a simple local mode testing in Spark mode.In order to run these tests properly with Yarn being involved w...    Author: Adam Szita , 2017-09-01, 13:01
[PIG-4621] Enable Illustrate in spark - Pig - [issue]
...Current we don't support illustrate in spark mode.How illustrate works see:    Author: liyunzhang , 2017-09-01, 12:29
[PIG-5080] Support store alias as spark table - Pig - [issue]
...The purpose is that I'd like to take advantage of both pig and hive. Pig-latin has powerful data flow expression ability which is useful for ETL while hive is good at query. The scenario is ...    Author: Jeff Zhang , 2017-08-24, 15:13
[PIG-5293] Suspicious code as missing `this' for a member - Pig - [issue]
...HiIn a recent github mirror, I've found suspicious code.Branch: trunkPath: src/org/apache/pig/pen/util/ 39     Tuple t = null;...110     @Overrid...    Author: JC , 2017-08-23, 04:55
[PIG-5286] Run verify_pig in e2e with old version of Pig - Pig - [issue]
...Currently verify_pig runs a different equivalent script as the testcase but runs with the same version of Pig. Ran into a issue where a test passed when a bug was introduced and benchmark fi...    Author: Rohini Palaniswamy , 2017-08-23, 04:25
[PIG-5268] Review of org.apache.pig.backend.hadoop.datastorage.HDataStorage - Pig - [issue]
...Optimize for case where asCollection is empty Tidy up...    Author: BELUGA BEHR , 2017-08-22, 19:34