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[PIG-4373] Implement PIG-3861 in Tez - Pig - [issue]
...duplicate jars get added to distributed cache...    Author: Rohini Palaniswamy , 2018-07-09, 22:17
[PIG-3861] duplicate jars get added to distributed cache - Pig - [issue]
...PigContext's scriptJars should handle de-duplication of jars to account for script engines e.g. JythonScriptEngine performing various jar loading for module and sometimes adding same jar twi...    Author: Mona Chitnis , 2018-07-09, 22:09
[PIG-5346] Provide PIG documentation for older versions. - Pig - [issue]
...Sometime recently historical pig documentation was removed from the site. My company is stuck on Pig 0.9.1 for the time being due to a restriction we have had for a while. The pig documentat...    Author: Brian Nelson , 2018-07-06, 14:35
[PIG-5345] Use of numerous known vulnerable libraries - Pig - [issue]
...I ran a commercial known vulnerable library analysis tool on PIG and it flagged numerous direct and transitive dependencies as having known vulnerabilities.I'd be happy to share the list off...    Author: Dave Wichers , 2018-07-05, 23:19
[PIG-5344] Update Apache HTTPD LogParser to latest version - Pig - [issue]
...Similar to PIG-4717 this is to simply upgrade the logparser library.I had to postpone this for a while because the latest version requires Java 8.I will simply update the version of the libr...    Author: Niels Basjes , 2018-07-02, 15:27
[PIG-5122] data - Pig - [issue]    Author: muhammad hamdani , 2018-06-25, 08:54
[PIG-4066] An optimization for ROLLUP operation in Pig - Pig - [issue]
...This patch aims at addressing the current limitation of the ROLLUP operator in PIG: most of the work is done in the Map phase of the underlying MapReduce job to generate all possible interme...    Author: Quang-Nhat HOANG-XUAN , 2018-06-23, 16:44
[PIG-5282] Upgade to Java 8 - Pig - [issue]    Author: Nandor Kollar , 2018-06-20, 14:14
[PIG-4822] Spark UT failures after merge from trunk - Pig - [issue]
...New failures:    [junit] Tests run: 26, Failures: 0, Errors: 2, Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 106.46 sec    [junit] Test org.apache.pig.test.TestEvalPipeline ...    Author: Pallavi Rao , 2018-06-18, 08:42
[PIG-5162] Fix failing e2e tests with spark exec type - Pig - [issue]
...Tests were executed on spark branch in spark mode, old Pig was also Pig on spark branch (same), but executed in mapreduce mode...    Author: Nandor Kollar , 2018-06-18, 08:32