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[REEF-2034] AdlsAccountName Expects FQDN - Reef - [issue]
...AdlsAccountName actually expects a Uri as {accountname} This is very confusing as an end user....    Author: Mandy Shieh , 2018-06-22, 21:49
[REEF-2040] Empty set (or list) is bound as a default value of named parameter when no default values are set - Reef - [issue]
...For set/list named parameters, the default values are set to empty sets/lists in Tang injector instead of null even though there are no default values to be set.This could be problematic bec...    Author: Gyewon Lee , 2018-06-22, 01:07
[REEF-2039] HadoopFileSystem .IsDirectory() check needs to work on linux machines - Reef - [issue]
...Currently the command being run is "dfs -test -d " + uri + "&& echo %errorlevel%" which will not work in linux where $? needs to be checked in stead of errorlevel...    Author: Dwaipayan Mukhopadhyay , 2018-06-21, 21:58
[REEF-2024] Prepare existing artifacts for new module that introduces the new bridge - Reef - [issue]
...This Jira represents the changes needed to the existing codebase before introducing the module containing the new bridge....    Author: Tyson Condie , 2018-06-20, 21:42
[REEF-2022] AzureBlockBlobFileSystem (REEF) - GetChildren does not work for containers - Reef - [issue]
...Repro steps:1. Created a container with multiple files. Call AzureBlockBlobFileSystem.GetChildren("https://tyclintwscratchst...    Author: Sharath Malladi , 2018-06-20, 21:20
[REEF-2037] DeleteDirectory of LocalFileSystem does not do recursive delete unlike other filesystem implementations - Reef - [issue]
...DeleteDirectory of LocalFileSystem does not do recursive delete unlike other filesystem implementations...    Author: Dwaipayan Mukhopadhyay , 2018-06-20, 20:08
[REEF-2038] HadoopFileSystem .DeleteDirectory() fails to delete non-empty directory - Reef - [issue]
...HadoopFileSystem .DeleteDirectory() actually performs hdfs dfs -rmdir with no options – that is, it will fail to delete non-empty directory. ...    Author: Dwaipayan Mukhopadhyay , 2018-06-20, 19:33
[expand - 1 more] - Tang question - Reef - [mail # dev]
...Yes, this is very confusing indeed. E.g. inorg.apache.reef.driver.task.TaskConfiguration we bind some implementationsusing .bindImplementation(), and others using .bindNamedParameter().P.S. ...
   Author: Sergiy Matusevych , Tyson Condie , ... , 2018-06-19, 18:44
[REEF-2030] Azure Batch Client Errors due to Shaded Jars in the local directory - Reef - [issue]
...After using the Azure Batch Client, two REEF jars will remain in the current working directory of the user: `reef-bridge-client-0.17.0-SNAPSHOT-shaded``reef-bridge-java-0.17.0-SNAPSHOT-shade...    Author: Rogan Carr , 2018-06-19, 18:26
[REEF-2021] In AzureBatch Runtime, Enable REEF .NET Client Communication to Driver - Reef - [issue]
...After user submits task to Azure Batch runtime, client is not able to communicate REEF HTTP server hosted on Driver, due to network configuration. We want to save the pain for user of settin...    Author: Chenxi Zhao , 2018-06-19, 18:21