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[TAJO-1945] Implement ApplicationMaster for Tajo Yarn Launcher - Tajo - [issue]
...Its implementation plan for this issue is as follows: Add tajo-yarn-launcher maven module to assemble necessary Tajo modules Add ApplicationMaster which actually a wrapper class for TajoMast...    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-04, 01:02
[TAJO-1938] (Umbrella) Make APIs to be more Java 8 Stream friendly - Tajo - [issue]
...We updated Java version 8. As a result, we can make good use of lambda and Java 8 stream. But, most of our internal APIs are based on arrays. So, we need to change internal APIs to be more J...    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-04, 01:01
[TAJO-1987] Add stream API to Projectable and refactor its usage codes - Tajo - [issue]
...This patch is a trivial patch to add a stream API to Projectable and refactor its usage codes....    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-04, 01:01
[TAJO-1840] Code migration for JDK 7 - Tajo - [issue]    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-04, 00:02
[TAJO-1704] Apply ComparableTuple to *AggregateExec - Tajo - [issue]
...This work is originated from TAJO-1492 which is a old patch. I applied the changes in Hash/SortAggregateExec to the latest revision. But, I didn't apply the changes in distinct aggregation o...    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-04, 00:01
[TAJO-1905] Insert clause to partitioned table fails on S3 - Tajo - [issue]
...Here is the error log2015-10-02 18:54:40,399 ERROR org.apache.hadoop.fs.s3a.S3AFileSystem: rename: src not found s3a://bucket/tpch-1g-p/lineitem/.staging/q_1443779192380_0001/RESULT/l_shipda...    Author: Jinho Kim , 2017-12-04, 00:00
[TAJO-1402] EvalNode should have TypeDesc instead of DataType as a return type. - Tajo - [issue]
...DataType is a protobuf type, which does not allow recursive nested data structure. To solve this problem, I made TypeDesc which represent recursive nested schemas in TAJO-1329. It is enough ...    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-03, 23:58
[TAJO-1363] Nested record support in Avro Appender and Scanner. - Tajo - [issue]
...Currently, AvroAppender and AvroScanner does not support nested record type. We need to implement the feature....    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-03, 23:58
[TAJO-982] Improve Fetcher to get multiple shuffle outputs through a request - Tajo - [issue]
...Currently, Fetcher only can request at most a fetch for one shuffle output at a time. The implementation can cause performance degradation even though intermediate data is actually small.For...    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-03, 23:57
[TAJO-1953] Implement addition and subtraction methods for tuple - Tajo - [issue]
...TAJO-1950 is a ticket to improve the planning for the range shuffling. The proposed solution for TAJO-1950 is to create even and fine-grained partitions using the histogram. Creating partiti...    Author: Jihoon Son , 2017-12-02, 17:33