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[TAJO-2126] Allow parallel execution of non-leaf sibling ExecutionBlocks - Tajo - [issue]
...Execution of sibling ExecutionBlocks were blocked due to some reasons like too many concurrent disk access or some bugs of invalid query results. Since these problems are fixed, we need to a...    Author: Jihoon Son , 2017-12-02, 17:33
[TAJO-1769] Add a generic benchmark toolkit - Tajo - [issue]
...We need a generic benchmark tool to automatically execute a query set on a given data set with a given table schemas.The requirements are as follows: A user can specific the benchmark (or te...    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-02, 17:33
[TAJO-1784] Add positive and negative tests into TestSQLAnalyzer - Tajo - [issue]
...Similar to TAJO-1745, we need positive and negative unit tests to TestSQLAnalyzer in order to add more test cases easily....    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-02, 17:33
[TAJO-2114] Simplify the Radix sort implementation based on code generation technique - Tajo - [issue]
...TAJO-2109 is the issue to implement Radix sort for Tajo. In this implementation, there are a bunch of similar methods to avoid frequent branch misprediction. However, this increases the amou...    Author: Jihoon Son , 2017-12-02, 17:33
[TAJO-1919] (Umbrella) Yarn support as a long-running application - Tajo - [issue]
...Yarn is a widely used cluster management system in Hadoop. We need to support Yarn. Roughly, there may be two approaches to support Yarn. The first approach is running the system as a long-r...    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-02, 17:33
[TAJO-1292] Separate TajoMaster role into three subcomponent - Tajo - [issue]
...TajoMaster has various roles: query coordinator, resource manager, and client  API service. Please see TajoMaster section in    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-02, 17:33
[TAJO-1167] Worker and PullServer should have default GC JVM options - Tajo - [issue]
...TajoPullServer and TajoWorker usually causes gabage collection because they use lots of memory. But, and do not have any default GC option....    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-02, 17:33
[TAJO-1632] Enable broadcast join planning for outer joins - Tajo - [issue]
...TAJO-1553 is recently resolved to improve broadcast join planning, but it has a limitation for outer joins. That is, for outer joins, preserved-row relations are not broadcastable to avoid i...    Author: Jihoon Son , 2017-12-02, 17:33
[TAJO-1995] Improve range partitioning using histogram - Tajo - [issue]
...Currently implemented range repartition algorithm has two major problems as follows: It assumes that data distribution is uniform, so is fragile for skewed data distribution. Given floating ...    Author: Jihoon Son , 2017-12-02, 17:33
[TAJO-363] Columns in subquery schema cannot be resolved - Tajo - [issue]
...See the below SQL statement. This statement contains a subquery with schema binding. Currently, LogicalPlanner cannot recognize subquery schema. So,  the below statement causes "no such...    Author: Hyunsik Choi , 2017-12-02, 17:33