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[YARN-8513] CapacityScheduler infinite loop when queue is near fully utilized - YARN - [issue]
...ResourceManager does not respond to any request when queue is near fully utilized sometimes. Sending SIGTERM won't stop RM, only SIGKILL can. After RM restart, it can recover running jobs an...    Author: Chen Yufei , 2018-09-21, 04:16
[YARN-8809] Fair Scheduler does not decrement queue metrics when OPPORTUNISTIC containers are released. - YARN - [issue]    Author: Haibo Chen , 2018-09-21, 01:32
[YARN-8658] [AMRMProxy] Metrics for AMRMClientRelayer inside FederationInterceptor - YARN - [issue]
...AMRMClientRelayer (YARN-7900) is introduced for stateful FederationInterceptor (YARN-7899), to keep track of all pending requests sent to every subcluster YarnRM. We need to add metrics for ...    Author: Botong Huang , 2018-09-20, 23:57
[YARN-8810] Yarn Service: discrepancy between hashcode and equals of ConfigFile - YARN - [issue]
...The ConfigFile class equals method doesn't check the equality of properties. The hashCode does include the properties...    Author: Chandni Singh , 2018-09-20, 23:00
[YARN-8665] Yarn Service Upgrade:  Support cancelling upgrade - YARN - [issue]
...When a service is upgraded without auto-finalization or express upgrade, then the upgrade can be cancelled. This provides the user ability to test upgrade of a single instance and if that do...    Author: Chandni Singh , 2018-09-20, 22:26
[YARN-4280] CapacityScheduler reservations may not prevent indefinite postponement on a busy cluster - YARN - [issue]
...Consider the following scenario:There are 2 queues A(25% of the total capacity) and B(75%), both can run at total cluster capacity. There are 2 applications, appX that runs on Queue A, alway...    Author: Kuhu Shukla , 2018-09-20, 21:57
[YARN-1011] [Umbrella] Schedule containers based on utilization of currently allocated containers - YARN - [issue]
...Currently RM allocates containers and assumes resources allocated are utilized.RM can, and should, get to a point where it measures utilization of allocated containers and, if appropriate, a...    Author: Arun C Murthy , 2018-09-20, 21:56
[YARN-8805] Automatically convert the launch command to the exec form when using entrypoint support - YARN - [issue]
...When YARN_CONTAINER_RUNTIME_DOCKER_RUN_OVERRIDE_DISABLE is true, and a launch command is provided, it is expected that the launch command is provided by the user in exec form.For example:"/u...    Author: Shane Kumpf , 2018-09-20, 19:15
[YARN-5215] Scheduling containers based on external load in the servers - YARN - [issue]
...Currently YARN runs containers in the servers assuming that they own all the resources. The proposal is to use the utilization information in the node and the containers to estimate how much...    Author: Íñigo Goiri , 2018-09-20, 18:51
[YARN-5003] Add container resource to RM audit log - YARN - [issue]
...It would be valuable to know the resource consumed by a container in the RM audit log....    Author: Nathan Roberts , 2018-09-20, 18:17