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[ZEPPELIN-3779] conf zeppelin.interpreter.output.limit not work properly - Zeppelin - [issue]
...I tried to increase zeppelin.interpreter.output.limit for downloading.But after enlarged(both conf file and GUI conf interface showed new value), web still `showing Output is truncated to 10...    Author: , 2018-09-14, 07:13
[ZEPPELIN-3687] Python interpreter fails if input is empty - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Python interpreter fails if input is empty (contains only comments)...    Author: Alexey Zabelkin , 2018-09-14, 05:55
[ZEPPELIN-3778] Cluster synchronize notes - Zeppelin - [issue]
...In cluster mode, The user creates, modifies, and deletes the note on any of the zeppelin servers. All need to be notified to all the zeppelin servers in the cluster to synchronize the u...    Author: Xun Liu , 2018-09-14, 02:39
[ZEPPELIN-3733] Refactor `Notebook*` classes to remove circular dependencies and several listeners - Zeppelin - [issue]
...`Notebook*` classes have many problems. We need to refactor these classes.    Author: Jongyoul Lee , 2018-09-14, 02:21
[ZEPPELIN-3549] Add to shiro.ini authorization for notebook-repositories - Zeppelin - [issue]
...By default users can change notebook repositoriesJust add a row to ini./api/notebook-repositories/** = authc, roles[admin]...    Author: Maxim Belousov , 2018-09-13, 07:24
[ZEPPELIN-3777] Older NoteBooks reports Interpreter livy not found - Zeppelin - [issue]
...The older notebooks created before Livy Service installed fails with "Interpreter livy not found".ERROR [2018-09-06 19:55:30,494] ({qtp64830413-15}[persistAndExecuteSingl...    Author: Prabhu Joseph , 2018-09-13, 00:35
[ZEPPELIN-1904] Pandas dataframe.plot doesn't work in PythonInterpreter and PySparkInterpreter - Zeppelin - [issue]
...It works in jupyter, but fails in zeppelin.import matplotlib.pyplot as pltimport matplotlibimport pandas as pdimport numpy as'ggplot')ts = pd.Series(np.random.randn(1...    Author: Jeff Zhang , 2018-09-13, 00:15
[ZEPPELIN-3776] Add zeppelin-interpreter as provided dependency of zeppelin-interpreter-parent - Zeppelin - [issue]
...The reason is that intellij can not recognize the shaded jar, this ticket is just to make zeppelin work in intellij, there's no other side effect on zeppelin itself....    Author: Jeff Zhang , 2018-09-12, 11:37
[ZEPPELIN-3715] Fix text & titile passing in NotebookRestApi.runParagraph - Zeppelin - [issue]
...All paragraphs processing as blank, because text string is empty.@POST@Path("job/{noteId}/{paragraphId}")@ZeppelinApipublic Response runParagraph(@PathParam("noteId") String noteId,@PathPara...    Author: George Klimov , 2018-09-11, 23:17
[ZEPPELIN-3768] run all paragraphs sequentiall mode - Zeppelin - [issue]
...Hello, Team, I'm using Zeppelin 0.8.0 I'm working with angular, spark and MongoDB interpreter my issue is when I run all paragraphs, all paragraphs run in parallel mode and give me a lot of ...    Author: Chaouki Trabelsi , 2018-09-11, 16:56