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[HBASE-24456] Immutable Scan as unmodifiable subclass or wrapper of Scan - HBase - [issue]
...We should provide an ImmutableScan as subclass or wrapper of Scan which can be used specifically by Coprocessors as read only Scan. This suggestion came up while reviewing HBASE-24321 by mul...    Author: Viraj Jasani , 2020-05-31, 12:56
[SOLR-14462] Autoscaling placement wrong with concurrent collection creations - Solr - [issue]
...Under concurrent collection creation, wrong Autoscaling placement decisions can lead to severely unbalanced clusters. Sequential creation of the same collections is handled correctly an...    Author: Ilan Ginzburg , 2020-05-31, 12:44
Fix bug with Throttler and query speed estimation - ClickHouse - [issue]
...Changelog category (leave one):Bug FixChangelog entry (a user-readable short description of the changes that goes to bug when query speed estimation can be incorrect and th...    Author: alexey-milovidov , 2020-05-31, 12:26
Allow to use Etcd as a replacement for ZooKeeper - ClickHouse - [issue]
...Etcd for replica coordination#777#479...    Author: levysh , 2020-05-31, 12:26
kv/kvserver: TestReplicateQueueDownReplicate failed - CockroachDB - [issue]
...(kv/kvserver).TestReplicateQueueDownReplicate failed on master@d8b16b51416d1874a3d80801560a574c3807e291:W200501 16:56:04.059715 416114 kv/kvserver/raft_transport.go:637  [n1] while proc...    Author: cockroach-teamcity , 2020-05-31, 12:23
ccl/importccl: TestMultiNodeExportStmt failed - CockroachDB - [issue]
...(ccl/importccl).TestMultiNodeExportStmt failed on master@c1abb272c94a437f1df9175fc30dc6a6729d3338:*Server).Start()      /go...    Author: cockroach-teamcity , 2020-05-31, 12:23
ArithmeticOperationsInAgrFuncOptimize - ClickHouse - [issue]
...I hereby agree to the terms of the CLA available at: category (leave one):Performance ImprovementChangelog entry (a user-readable short descript...    Author: kamalov-ruslan , 2020-05-31, 12:15
[HBASE-24468] Add region info when log meessages in HStore. - HBase - [issue]
...Some log message do not have region info when log, need to add it....    Author: song XinCun , 2020-05-31, 12:11
roachtest: psycopg failed - CockroachDB - [issue]
...(roachtest).psycopg failed on release-19.2@7ff60aac0a394a8d43befc9a0f4e89f911aa1294:The test failed on branch=release-19.2, cloud=gce:test artifacts and logs in: /home/agent/work/.go/src/git...    Author: cockroach-teamcity , 2020-05-31, 11:40
roachtest: pgx failed - CockroachDB - [issue]
...(roachtest).pgx failed on release-19.2@6b3603510631daad6f6d09208b41ebe20dd0f2d7:The test failed on branch=release-19.2, cloud=gce:test artifacts and logs in: /home/agent/work/.go/src/github....    Author: cockroach-teamcity , 2020-05-31, 11:37