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[LOG4PHP-98] Check for invalid names on getLogger call - log4php - [issue]
...When calling the Logger::getLogger function a name-check would be helpful.So, if someone defines the logger "L1" and calls $_logger = Logger::getLogger('L2'); an exception could be thrown...    Author: Florian Platzer , 2018-06-04, 03:10
[LOG4PHP-108] Add HTML line break to LoggerAppenderEcho output - log4php - [issue]
...When using LoggerAppenderEcho the output will be printed in one line (in HTML).So automatically add a line break or add a new property for user's control...    Author: Florian Platzer , 2013-12-01, 10:59
[LOG4PHP-188] rootLogger logs although level isn't reached - log4php - [issue]
...I downloaded the current version of log4php and used an existing configuration:rootLogger (level = FATAL, appender = echo)customLog (level = DEBUG, appender = dailyfile)When i log to customL...    Author: Florian Platzer , 2013-04-23, 14:49
[LOG4PHP-97] LoggerAppenderMailEvent does not work - log4php - [issue]
...I've configured an email appender like this:return array(                       'rootLogger' => array(      &nbs...    Author: Florian Platzer , 2013-12-01, 10:59
[LOG4PHP-100] Directly assign an array on Logger PHP configuration - log4php - [issue]
...Currently when someone calls the Logger::configure function it's necessary to give an url as first argument.When using LoggerConfiguratorPhp it would be nice to directly assign an array inst...    Author: Florian Platzer , 2013-12-01, 10:59