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[LOG4PHP-162] Warning for invalid appender threshold level never called - log4php - [issue]
...appender config:<appender name="foo" class="LoggerAppenderConsole" threshold="FOO" />Expected warning: "Invalid threshold value [FOO]..."LoggerLevel::toLevel() return always le...    Author: Florian Semm , 2013-12-01, 10:54
[LOG4PHP-164] Compress rotated files with Gzip/Zip - log4php - [issue]
...rotated files at the moment look like this: file.log.1with compression: / file.log.1.gzphp has a simple api for that:    Author: Florian Semm , 2012-08-19, 16:19
[LOG4PHP-169] all configuration examples should avaiable as PHP and XML-Implementation - log4php - [issue]    Author: Florian Semm , 2012-10-25, 09:23
[LOG4PHP-183] Warning when use 'LoggerConfigurationAdapterPHP' as Logger-Configurator - log4php - [issue]
...'LoggerConfigurationAdapterPHP' doesn't implement the 'LoggerConfigurator' interface.We can remove the parameter $configuration in Logger::configure() method and use always the 'LoggerConfig...    Author: Florian Semm , 2012-06-23, 10:47