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[LOG4PHP-12] LoggerAppenderFile does not create missing directories - log4php - [issue]
...In log4j the FileAppender automatically create the directories that are missing, this feature is missing in LoggerAppenderFile in should be implemented in LoggerAppenderFile::activateOptions...    Author: Knut Urdalen , 2013-12-01, 10:56
[LOG4PHP-25] Allow to set environment variables in LoggerOptionConverter - log4php - [issue]
...Christian Hammers proposed the following on the mailinglist:"Allow to set environment variables using ApachesSetEnv or mod_rewrite or PHPs putenv() that can be used in properties files.I use...    Author: Knut Urdalen , 2013-12-01, 10:56
[LOG4PHP-26] Add file locking to file appenders - log4php - [issue]
...We should add file locking to all file appenders in order to prevent two or more processes accessing the same file at once which may lead to corrupt log files....    Author: Knut Urdalen , 2012-10-09, 20:27
[LOG4PHP-27] Add the option of defining permissions of a log file - log4php - [issue]
...Christian Hammers has proposed to add the option of defining log file permissions as part of configuration:    Author: Knut Urdalen , 2012-09-17, 17:11
[LOG4PHP-29] Load classes through autoload instead of explicitly include them - log4php - [issue]
...We should use PHP's autoload mechanism to load classes instead of explicitly include them. This will both simplify the code and only load the needed classes at runtime....    Author: Knut Urdalen , 2013-12-01, 10:56
[LOG4PHP-30] Implement LoggerAppenderPDO - log4php - [issue]
...We should provide a LoggerAppenderPDO which utilize the PDO extension and available PDO-drivers. This would be preferred over LoggerAppenderDb (which used the outdated PEAR::DB library)....    Author: Knut Urdalen , 2013-12-01, 10:56
[LOG4PHP-31] Removing unnecessary use of LOG4PHP_DIR - log4php - [issue]
...LOG4PHP_DIR is no longer required for any other code than LoggerManager::autoload(). We should keep LOG4PHP_DIR here to set it automatically if not set from user land code. All other occurre...    Author: Knut Urdalen , 2013-12-01, 10:56
[LOG4PHP-32] Refactor from using define to class contants - log4php - [issue]
...There is many places in the code where we can use class constants instead of define()'s. This will both improve readability and usage in my eyes in addition to a tiny speed improvement since...    Author: Knut Urdalen , 2013-12-01, 10:56
[LOG4PHP-33] Appenders is not properly closed upon destruction - log4php - [issue]
...Appenders doesn't seem to be properly closed. The LoggerAppenderSkeleton::finalize() is only used in __sleep() and __wakeup(), but the normal situation would at least be to close appenders u...    Author: Knut Urdalen , 2013-12-01, 10:56
[LOG4PHP-34] Remove all internal debugging - log4php - [issue]
...I suggest that we remove all internal debugging in the code base. We currently have 117 places where we do LoggerLog::debug(). These are all unnecessary method calls that a lightweight loggi...    Author: Knut Urdalen , 2013-12-01, 10:56