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[LOG4PHP-109] patch for Throwable information associated with logging event - log4php - [issue]
...I have created patch for throwable information associated with logging event. With this patch applied it will be possible to log exceptions and nested exceptions with their full stack traces...    Author: Vladimír Gorej , 2013-12-01, 10:59
[LOG4PHP-110] mongo database appender for log4php - log4php - [issue]
...mongo database appender for log4php with unit test coverage...    Author: Vladimír Gorej , 2013-12-01, 10:59
[LOG4PHP-125] Appender for Gearman job server - log4php - [issue]
...log4php-Gearman is log4php appender to Gearman job server....    Author: Vladimír Gorej , 2012-12-29, 11:55
[LOG4PHP-201] Tests are not passing - log4php - [issue]
...I cloned log4php git repository with anonymous access and tried to run the tests with phpunit. Tests did not pass and I got following error:char0n:~/projects/php/log4php$ phpunitPHPUnit 3.5....    Author: Vladimír Gorej , 2012-12-29, 12:54
[LOG4PHP-202] Update wiki - development environment - log4php - [issue]
... - This page needs to be updated. Since log4php is using git, sections concerning setting up log4php from subversion reposito...    Author: Vladimír Gorej , 2012-12-29, 11:13
[LOG4PHP-203] Capped collections support for Mongo Appender - log4php - [issue]
...Mongo database now support capped collection. Capped collections are fixed-size collections that support high-throughput operations that insert, retrieve, and delete documents based on inser...    Author: Vladimír Gorej , 2013-01-01, 15:54
[LOG4PHP-204] MDC context information in mongo appender - log4php - [issue]
...Mongo appender should also store context information along with logging event. Context information are supplied by MDC....    Author: Vladimír Gorej , 2013-12-14, 14:17