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The entirety of both data corpuses were re-loaded every night?  What did the users do while the data was dropped and reloaded?  What happened in the middle of night if the job failed?  Couldn’t you identify the incremental updates to the two sources and incrementally load the new data into the combined target?


This brute force implementation is only applicable to a few use cases with lax SLAs.



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Last year, I used Accumulo's rapid ingest ability to join two data silos into one dataset. Every field was fully indexed. Having all of the data in one place allowed cross-referencing queries to be executed. For various reason, this kind of query was not possible using the existing technology. The rapid ingest was important because a new copy of the data silos was pulled every night.


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It would help the community and my own benchmarking efforts if you could describe how you think a benchmark might incorporate representations of real-world bottlenecks.


Do you think YCSB sufficiently covers the kind of testing you'd prefer?





Similarly, it would help if you could describe the use case(s) behind your statement of interest.





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I care 


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Dr. Kepner,

Who cares how fast you can load data into a non-indexed HBase or Accumulo database?  What is the strategy to handle user queries against this corpus?  Run some real world tests which include simultaneous queries, index maintenance, information life cycle management, during the initial and incremental data loads.

The test you are running do not appear to have any of the real world bottlenecks that occur for production systems that users rely on for their business.

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