Subject: [ansible-devel] Ansible-2.8.0 delay

Hello all,

As some of you may have noticed, Ansible-2.8.0-alpha1 has been
delayed.  It was scheduled for last week but we have one important
feature that we're still working on.  To give it a chance to be
finished up, we've slipped Alpha by two weeks (now due out on
Thursday, next week) and slipped final by one week.  I'll be pushing a
documentation PR shortly to update this page:

The new schedule there will be:

2019-03-28 Alpha 1 Core freeze
2019-04-04 Beta 1 Feature freeze
2019-04-18 Release Candidate 1
2019-04-25 Release Candidate 2 (if needed)
2019-04-02 Release Candidate 3 (if needed)
2019-05-02-09 Release