Subject: [ansible-project] Multiple when statements in loop?

For reference, this is a continuation of:!topic/ansible-project/XhU9iPXjjcw

Can you use multiple when statements in a loop? or is there a different way
to approach this without having to write out a task for each item?  Take
the following for example.  I know the syntax is wrong, but it gives you a
better idea of what I mean.

    - name: Insert audit rules
        path: "/etc/audit/audit.rules"
        line: "{{ item.line }}"
        regexp: "{{ item.regexp }}"
        state: present
        insertafter: EOF
      notify: Restart auditd
        - { line: '-w /home/GOMER/Scripts -p w -k copperfield', regexp:
'.*GOMER.*Scripts.*' }
          when: directories.results.0.stat.exists
        - { line: '-w /home/PYLE/Scripts -p w -k copperfield', regexp:
'.*PYLE*Scripts.*' }  
          when: directories.results.1.stat.exists
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