Subject: [ansible-project] Run one playbook after another has finished?


I have a play that fetches some custom roles into a directory. These
roles are then used in a subsequent play. My overarching playbook
looks like:

- name: Fetch roles
  hosts: all
  connection: local
  tags: always
  run_once: yes
    - Role fetch logic here...

- name: Deploy stuff
  hosts: all
    - myrole1
    - myrole2
    - myrole3

This works. But when starting from scratch, i.e. when the first play
has never run, the directory where it will put the roles is empty.
This causes the playbook to fail with

ERROR! the role 'myrole1' was not found in....

So all plays/tasks are evaluated and it throws an error because a role
does not exist yet (which makes sense).

We're already using a wrapper shell script around ansible-playbook to
ease deployment by feeding it things like vault ID, inventory etc, so
I'm tempted to just add a extra ansible-play run first that does the
role fetching.

Is there a way to make this work by running ansible only once?

Dick Visser
Trust & Identity Service Operations Manager

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