Subject: [ansible-project] umount: /tmp: target is busy - payload files?

On 13.06.2019 21:21, 'Georg Großmann' via Ansible Project wrote:

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/var/tmp is defined as a persistent tmp, and changing this to tmpfs might break other software that depends on /var/tmp being persistent.

And changing them on a running system is not recommended since other software might be using the tmp.
The best approach is to use state: present and reboot.

Default they are pointing to ~/.ansible/tmp

A grep in the source it seams that some module and plugins have /tmp hard coded and maybe the code you are running is creating files in tmp.
> 2. Am I doing something wrong?

Sort of, use present and reboot.
> 3. Is a workaround possible?

See 2.

> 4. Has it something to do with the BTRFS filesystem? On Ubuntu this mount
> task is working...

Kai Stian Olstad

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