Subject: [ansible-project] ec2 instance launch failing with error subnet id does not exit

Hi there,
Can anyone please let me know what should be the correct syntax
for defining vpc subnet id ?  This is my playbook:
 - name: A play to launch ec2 instance
   hosts: localhost
   connection: local
   gather_facts: false
    - proto: tcp
       - 22
      cidr_ip: xxx.xx.xx.xx/16
      rule_desc: allow all connection on port 22
    - name: Task to launch ec2 instance with default values
       key_name: xxxxxxx_key
       instance_type: t2.micro
       image: ami-xxxxxxxxx
       wait: yes
       count: 1
       region: us-east-1
       aws_access_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       aws_secret_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      * vpc_subnet_id: vpc-xxxx  ( copy pasted) *
       assign_public_ip: yes

    - name: Verbosity
       msg: "ec2 output ..."
       verbosity: 4

Sanjay Chakraborty