Subject: [ansible-project] Modify uid/gid if exists, but don't create if absent

I don't see a way to do this with ansible, but perhaps I am missing
something.  I have a need to change the uid/gid of users/groups on a bunch
of servers; however, I don't wish to create the user/group if it is
missing, I just want to modify it if it exists.  The following creates the
users/groups.  The only state options available are present and absent.  I
need something like, "if present".  I could script it, but I am looking to
stick with the ansible stuff if possible.  Any thoughts?

- name: Backup /etc/passwd,group files
    src: "{{ item.src }}"
    dest: "{{ item.dest }}.{{ }}"
    - { src: "/etc/passwd", dest: "/etc/passwd.bak" }
    - { src: "/etc/group", dest: "/etc/group.bak" }

- name: Set group uids/gids
    name: "{{  }}"
    gid: "{{ item.gid  }}"
    - { name: "gomgroup", gid: "2000" }
    - { name: "pyle", gid: "2001" }

- name: Set user uids/gids
    name: "{{  }}"
    uid: "{{ item.uid  }}"
    group: "{{ }}"
    - { name: "gomer", uid: "2000", group: "gomgroup" }
    - { name: "pyle", uid: "2001", group: "pyle" }

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