Subject: [ansible-project] Seeking testers for a (radically) performance-improving Ansible plug-in

So during vacation i was toying with an 'ansible remote execution'
(rme) ,  via a connection
plugin that requires Ansible be installed on the target node.

It could either have a service/socket/trigger to run ansible tasks as
passed in or we can just execute `ansible -m module ...` directly.

This avoids 'cache invalidation issues' but does introduce version
mismatch ones as well as 'agent or required software' on the targets.
More thorny issues are 'what do we pass', templated task? task loop?
original task + vars? what secrets do we pass and how?

I have not seen an approach that does not have drawbacks, in the end
we might implement more than one and let the user choose their
Brian Coca

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