Subject: [ansible-project] ERROR! this task 'import_playbook' has extra params

I can't figure out why this is failing... syntax is correct as far as I can
see.  I could use another pair of eyes.

ERROR! this task 'import_playbook' has extra params, which is only allowed
in the following modules: command, win_command, shell, win_shell, script,
include, include_vars, include_tasks, include_role, import_tasks,
import_role, add_host, group_by, set_fact, raw, meta


The offending line appears to be:

# tasks file for user rights
- import_playbook: /playbooks/one-offs/update_gitlab_scripts.yml
Top part of playbook:
- import_playbook: /playbooks/one-offs/update_gitlab_scripts.yml

The following also fails:
- import_playbook: update_gitlab_scripts.yml

So, the last is pretty basic.... unsure why it is throwing the error that
it is throwing.  This is in the r

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