Subject: [ansible-devel] New Ansible releases 2.8.1

Hi all- we're happy to announce that the general release of Ansible
2.8.1 is now available!
How do you get it?

$ pip install ansible==2.8.1 --user

The tar.gz of the releases can be found here:

* 2.8.1
  SHA256: e1d51d3a88e21238f9e7a49b2b17a49e76c13880242b936ac8a37aee4fe84445
What's new in 2.8.1

This release is a maintenance releases containing numerous bugfixes. The full
changelog is at:

* 2.8.1
What's the schedule for future maintenance releases?

Future maintenance releases will occur approximately every 3 weeks.  So expect
the next one around 2019-06-27.
Porting Help

We've published a porting guide at to
help migrate your content to 2.8.
If you discover any errors or if any of your working playbooks break when you
upgrade to 2.8.1, please use the following link to report the regression:

In your issue, be sure to mention the Ansible version that works and the one
that doesn't.


-Toshio Kuratomi