Subject: [ansible-devel]

Hi all- we're happy to announce that the general release of Ansible
2.7.7 and Ansible 2.6.13 are now available!
How do you get it?

$ pip install ansible==2.6.13 --user
$ pip install ansible==2.7.7 --user

The tar.gz of the release can be found here:

* 2.7.7
  SHA256: 040cc936f959b947800ffaa5f940d2508aaa41f899efe56b47a7442c89689150
* 2.6.13
  SHA256: 96fbddc5b6a394d2a3259b23847611a61e8d24c5aca6f4325a9aabca54817f05

What's new in 2.7.7 and 2.6.13?

These releases are maintenance releases containing numerous bugfixes.
The full changelog is at:

* 2.7.7
* 2.6.13
What's the schedule for future maintenance releases?

Future maintenance releases will occur approximately every 3 weeks.
So expect the next one around February 28th.

We've published a porting guide at
to help migrate your content to 2.7. If you discover any errors, or if
you see any regressions from playbooks which work on 2.7.6 and prior,
please open a GitHub issue, and be sure to mention you're using 2.7.7.


-Toshio Kuratomi