Subject: [ansible-project] Ansible -  loop through multiple files when with_items defined

This is similar to another question I posed a few days ago, but different
enough I thought it deserved its own topic.  I have a variable of
ifcfg-list.stdout_lines that contains a list of ifcfg-* file names
(exlcuding loopback).  I need to iterate the following code over this list
(apply it to all ifcfg-* files), but don't know how to do it.  with_nested
doesn't seem to be the right solution to me.  I know I can do this in
multiple tasks (already done), but I am trying to consolidate all of the
tasks down to a single task:

- name: Gather list of ifcfg-* files
  shell: ls "{{ net_path }}" | grep ^ifcfg- | grep 0$ | grep -ve ifcfg-lo -e
\@ # \@ excludes ansible backup files
  register: ifcfg_list
  changed_when: false

- name: Update ifcfg-* files
    path: "{{ net_path }}{{ ifcfg_list.stdout_lines }}" #<-- I know this is
wrong, but I need to iterate through this list and apply the changes to all
    no_extra_spaces: true
    section: null
    state: present
    option: "{{ item.option }}"
    value: "{{ item.value }}"
    - { option: "NM_CONTROLLED", value: "no" }
    - { option: "PEERDNS", value: "no" }
    - { option: "DNS1", value: "{{ dns1 }}" }
    - { option: "DNS2", value: "{{ dns2 }}" }
    - Networking
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