Subject: [ansible-devel] Ansible-2.4.3 Beta3 is ready for testing

Hi all, we're happy to announce that RC3 for 2.4.3 is now available for testing.

How do you get it?

The tar.gz of the release can be found here:
SHA256: 1cb03f9369f1a8fa5364239f3e9bda667f7398a1282be62197476c2263f5345b

You can also test against the git repository as follows:

$ git clone
$ cd ansible
$ git checkout v2.4.3-0.3.beta3

You can then source our testing script:

$ . hacking/env-setup

or you can build your own .tar.gz (output will be dist/ansible-2.4.3.tar.gz):

$ make sdist

If you discover any errors, or if you see any regressions from
playbooks which work on 2.4.2 and prior, please open a Github issue
and be sure to mention you're testing against this release candidate.


Okay ladies and gentlemen, this is the last beta of 2.4.3.  After this
we'll have a release candidate or two and then a final release of
2.4.3.  The timeline for that looks like:

Beta3      3 Jan
RC1       10 Jan
Final or RC2 if needed 17 Jan
Final or RC3 if needed 24 Jan

We are planning on a 2.4.4 release on a predictable timetable as well.
It will probably follow the same pattern of a beta every two weeks
followed by a few rc's and a final soon after 2.5.0 is released.
2.4.4 will likely be the last 2.4.x release on a predictable schedule.
We will probably switch over to accumulating minor bugfixs in the
stable-2.4 tree and only making a release with them included if a
large enough bug is discovered that warrants a 2.4.5.


Toshio Kuratomi