Subject: [ansible-project] move messages from error queue to parent queue in Redhat Active MQ

  Pradeep Drall 2018-08-20, 16:34
It says " Invalid JSON request".
Which seems to make sense, as you have set the HTTP method to POST,
but at the same time you have manually constructed the entire (GET)
request, and also didn't configure any 'body' parameter.
I'd start with supplying a properly formatted 'body' parameter first.
Although I'm not sure what that looks like in your case, because the
request URL seems to be using a comma (as opposed to an ampersand) to
separate the query parameters? This may well be my inexperience with
activemq however.

You might want to read up on the uri module docs, more specifically
You'll see that several of the option you use (such as HEADER_*) are
deprecated by now.
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