Hello All,

Per some JIRA tickets and other PR review comments, having a single
cohesive website along with blogging capabilities seems to be long due for
Apache Apex.

I would like to propose moving the Apache Apex website to Jekyll to address
the following high level concerns:

- Aim to provide a better build experience for the website
- Make it easier to contribute blogs
- Make the approval process easier by making it more markup reliant
- Organise the content better in terms of content layout so that we can
maintain it better.
Here is a "skeleton" preview of the Jekyll based site and compatible with
GitHub pages.
- https://apacheapex.github.io/index.html
- Each page can have a customised sidebar like
and https://apacheapex.github.io/writing_to_kudu_using_apex.html
- There is a menu for blogs giving latest and archived views of blogs.
- Mobile compatible as well.
Here are some call outs regarding the implementation:

- The above url is only a temporary host to showcase the skeleton structure
and will be migrated to the apex-site url as a separate branch once I get
some consensus.
- There is a BSD styled licensed component  that I need guidance on
- We will need more contribution from someone who has bootstrap experience
to fix a few aspects on the home page (scrolling powered by section and the
top level Apache Apex header sections)
- The effort is going to span a few months as it is an entire website
migration and there is a lot of content that needs to be collated and
possibly updated as well as we progress
- The site is based on the following project
My ask as part of the approval process:

- A high level approval to the approach
- Agreement on the high level menu and the drop downs at the top - Comments
- Usage of Jekyll as the main mechanism to generate content
- Commenting is disabled consciously
- BSD styled license inclusion for sidebar NAVGOCO component
- Migration of the content from multiple locations (Malhar documentation ,
Apex Documentation ) into a single cohesive set.
- Altering of the build process for the website - I do not have an idea as
to how compiled content in Jenkins is pushed to apache domain.
May I request if anyone else is interested in contributing to this effort
as well? I will wait for comments for the next 5 days and create JIRA
tickets accordingly.