Looks like there is some disconnect in this thread, a few replies express
concerns that the proposal IMO doesn't imply.

There is already a REST API that backs all of the CLI functionality. Modern
UIs run in the browser, and so what was proposed (unless I misunderstood)
would be based on the same  REST API and nothing extra. The only additional
thing the AM has to do is serve static files. And AFAIK it would actually
simplify the UI implementation when files and REST API have the same origin.

To me where files are coming from is actually a smaller piece and something
that can be augmented. But before proposing solutions outside of Apex or
additional deployment requirements, please consider the user experience. It
should be really simple to setup and use the UI.

I would expect that a large part of the discussion evolves around the UI
functionality that helps the target persona.


On Tue, Jun 12, 2018, 8:05 PM Shubhrajyoti Mohapatra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>