strong +1 for adding a UI to Apex. This is actually something that users
expect and are accustomed to with similar projects. Thanks for taking the

There are nuances to be discussed, but the overall plan LGTM.

To your question, I think this should use the existing web port with a
different path, this will make it easy to expose through the RM proxy. The
question whether the port is static or dynamic is a different concern,
there could be a separate feature that optionally allows the user to assign
a static port. On YARN, there is already a static address, the RM proxy

I would propose to start this feature on a branch. The requirements for
build integration and source code structure should be fleshed out as you
go. It is conceivable that the UI build, which requires separate tooling,
runs as part of the release build, but not the usual CI.


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