Hi Community,

I would like to propose a slightly different approach on having an UI for

The details are below:

   1. This involves having an external web-server installed along side of
   apexCli. We will basically mimic all the functionalities that apexCli
   currently provides.
   2. We will develop the necessary REST APIs for fetch/update operations
   which apexCli currently supports.
   3. Because most of the information and operations needed by a typical
   user are already there in apexCli, it will of great help to end users and
   which may increase the adoption rate.

About Chinmay's proposal of having the STRAM hosting the apps, please find
my comments below:

   1. It may increase load on STRAM if we were to provide real time display
   of information. I am aware that apexCli fetches info from STRAM apis but
   continuous polling can cause extra over-head.
   2. The UI will have limited scope for the particular application. Users
   would definitely love to have a comprehensive UI for the management of Apex
   Apps as a whole.
   3. UI might be able to affect the whole application through STRAM hence
   giving direct access to STRAM APIs might not be good idea.
   4. Because STRAM can't have a comprehensive UI hosted inside, anyways we
   will have to develop an external one.

So I would like propose the plan on action like this.

   1. We develop the wrapper UI for apexCli in the first phase and give
   user all the management options as REST APIs.
   2. If some of information we require are not in the current apexCli
   implementation, we can add those feature to apexCli and if required to
   STRAM APIs in subsequent phases.
   3. In future we can even remove the REST server from STRAM if we could
   provide something like MetricsStore functionality which was there in
   DataTorrent RTS.

Thanks and Regards,
Shubhrajyoti Mohapatra
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