Atlas team,


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## Description:

  Apache Atlas is a scalable and extensible set of core foundational governance

  services that enables enterprises to effectively and efficiently meet their

  compliance requirements within Hadoop and allows integration with the

  complete enterprise data ecosystem


## Issues:

  There are no issues requiring board attention at this time.


## Activity:

  - released 1.0.0 version on 06/02/2018. This is a major release, result of

    more than a year of contributions from Apache Atlas community. Here are

    few of the features and enhancements in this release:

    - introduction of relationships as a first-class type

    - support for propagation of classifications along entity relationships – like lineage

    - fine-grained metadata security

    - introduction of Glossary feature

    - enhancements in notifications module to support V2 style data structures

    - introduction of Atlas hook for HBase

    - introduction of Atlas bridge for Kafka

    - support for Cassandra and Elasticsearch (tech-preview)

    - updates to use JanusGraph as the graph store, which replaces use of Titan in earlier releases

    - significant updates in Atlas Web UI

  - release 0.8.3 is likely to be around end of July-2018

  - will start work on supporting Hadoop 3, HBase 2, Solr 7


## Health report:

  - 7 new contributors added in last 3 months: Abhishek Kadam, Barbara Eckman, Bogdan Sava, Constantin Nastase, Jing Zhou, Nagaraj Janardhana, Vineeth Seth


## PMC changes:

  - Currently 33 PMC members

  - No new PMC members added in last 3 months

  - Last PMC member addition was on 6/21/2017


## Committer base changes:

  - Currently 37 committers

  - No new committers added in last 3 months

  - Last addition to committer role was on 1/9/2018


## Releases:

  0.8.3            plan to release on 07/31/2018

  1.0.0            was released on 06/02/2018

  0.8.2            was released on 02/05/2018

  1.0.0-alpha      was released on 01/25/2018

  0.8.1            was released on 08/29/2017

  0.8-incubating   was released on 03/16/2017

  0.7.1-incubating was released on 01/26/2017

  0.7-incubating   was released on 07/09/2016

  0.6-incubating   was released on 12/31/2015

  0.5-incubating   was released on 07/11/2015