Hi, my team is currently running into an issue with our Atlas instance (v1.0.0) where the number of guids used for the bulk entity GET request affects the success/failure of the request.

Submitting a GET request to https://atlas-host/api/atlas/v2/entity/bulk/?guid=... for 174 guids succeeds, but 175 guids does not succeed (Atlas returns status code 400 Bad Request), and adding a useless query parameter which lengthens the URL also causes Atlas to fail (174 guids + 1 garbage parameter). This makes us think the problem is not due to a limit in the number of GUIDs that can be handled, but an issue with the URL being too long. Previously, Atlas would return a 414 Request URI is Too Long status if the url went beyond the server limits.

Our current workaround is too batch the API requests with a number of guids that doesn’t fail. If this is expected behavior, we can live with the workaround but we want to check that there isn’t a configuration piece or bug that is causing the failure.

Cade Parker
Civitas Leanring Inc.