I hadn't thought of adding SASL to SPDY. I haven't dived into the
community, yet, to see if they've discussed it.

The philosophy behind BEEP seems pretty good, even if the crazy XML
style of the actual spec is not a good match (as put in an earlier
email). The lack of community is worrisome, of course, but having it
as an influence in our own design is probably worthwhile.

I do worry about the desire not to "name" things. URIs seem so
obviously a good in a system that they should be consistent for any
implementation of the protocol and instance of its use. However, I
recognize how much of a bite that is to chew if we don't take a
substantial portion of a spec into our own that already has that
defined. I'm not trying to push a REST dogma. Building a spec without
RESTful design is fine by me, as long as we recognize the tradeoffs.

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