Subject: [VOTE] Release Apache Avro 1.9.1 RC1


I have a question, while checking some Java 11 improvements I
discovered that the Perf module that we introduced in 1.9.0 has a
split package issue that can cause conflicts with Java 11. I was
wondering if we could fix this (the fix is just to isolate the module
classes into its own package), however this is not backwards
compatible with Avro 1.9.0. So should we get this into this release?
or be strict and let it for 1.10.x?

I just opened the PR for the solution for master (1.10.0) [1] but was
thinking that it is probably worth to cherry pick it and include it in
1.9.1 even if breaking the previous version compatiblity, because it
is quite new and I expect it has low impact.

Any opinions?


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