Hi Sean,

I have to say, it took me some time as well to find the sources of the site.

Because the site is still relying on Hadoop, it is either getting the
current site fixed or starting over with the current best-practice for
hosting a website, which is using the gitpubsub approach.

As Avro is already using gitbox, I would indeed suggest to request a new
git repository for the site [1]. When Avro is at a point of having
something useful in the repository, infra can simply switch from the
current svn approach to gitpubsub.
In a lot of (new) Apache projects this approach, together with jenkins, is
already used. A member of the pmc-chairs group can grant users the
sufficient permissions for Jenkins [2].

Using a tool as jekyll [3] would be perfect if you want to update the site
using markdown.


[1] https://gitbox.apache.org/setup/newrepo.html
[2] https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/INFRA/Jenkins
[3] https://jekyllrb.com/

2018-04-21 16:53 GMT+01:00 Sean Busbey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>: