Subject: [VOTE] Release Apache Avro 1.9.0 RC4

+1 (binding)

-- Good:
* signatures
* checksums
* tag/ref lines up with src artifact (except for one file mentioned below)
* LICENSE/NOTICE spot check
* apache rat says the license files for all the artifacts are fine (except it couldn't understand the gem; using the gem cli confirms it's also correct)

-- We Can Be Better Later:
* filed AVRO-2395 because the "java" convenience binary part of the dist section is redundant
* in the future please post the specific staged maven repository instead of somewhere within the staged repository group. that'll help us avoid possible conflicts should someone forget to cancel a staged RC or accidentally stage an additional repository after the vote is called. FWIW as far as I can tell from the Nexus UI, this is the staged repo for this VOTE (and it's what I verified):

* When unpacking the source tarball I got this warning on OSX.

I don't think it should be a blocker because it's shown up in prior RCs since 2012 and AFAICT things are fine despite it, save a unit test.

* An upgrade guide will help a bunch of folks given the time since last release and this being a major version.

For example, someone asked about how incompatible things are. So I ran the Java API Compliance Checker on the java libraries, since it's (relatively) easy. After filtering out the "avro.shaded" package and excluding the hadoop1 specific jars from 1.8.2:

The report is here:

This is a major version, so I think breaking things is fine. But this report is still pretty long and so I'm guessing downstream could use some help. Maybe the current summary list covers all of the breakage listed; I didn't try to compare them.

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