Subject: [VOTE] Release Apache Avro 1.9.1 RC1

Hi everyone,

I'm delighted to propose the following RC to be released as official Apache
Avro 1.9.1 release.

The commit id is aad028bf84d43cc3481ac8b527f30debbdf213d2
* This corresponds to the tag: release-1.9.1-rc1

The release tarball, signature, and checksums are here:

You can find the KEYS file here:

Binary artifacts for Java are staged in Nexus here:

This release includes 31 Jira issues:
* Most important, fix regression issues:
  * Java: decoding schema's:
  * .Net: Performance issue:
* Java: Make org.apache.avro.Schema serializable
* Java: Ability to add custom object to Velocity templating
* Improved interoperability testing
* Removed NPE's
* Upgrade dependencies to latest to the latest version
* And many more :-)

Please download, verify, and test. This vote will remain open for at least
72 hours. Given sufficient votes, I would like to close it on or about
on Saturday, 24 August 2019.

[ ] +1 Release this as Apache Avro 1.9.1
[ ] +0
[ ] -1 Do not release this because...

Consider this a +1 (binding) from my side:
* Compiled against Divolte collector and Iceberg

Cheers, Fokko Driesprong